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One of the most popular items we have here at CFI Bootcamp. This should be an essential item for every CFI. It contains the required eligibility for each certificate or rating you are authorized to provide training for and includes ground training logs to place in the student’s logbook. From Sport pilot through Commercial pilot and flight instructor this guide has a separate section for every certificate and rating. You just locate the certificate or rating you need to endorse, and the guide will provide a checklist to ensure you covered everything, then it has all of the required endorsements and ground/flight logs in a printer friendly format. This guide will ensure that you finish all of the required training, give the correct endorsements and make the examiners life easy by having ground and flight training logs that show where each FAR requirement was done.


SAFE Members | Ultimate Guide to Endorsements | Instant Download

$55.00 Regular Price
$44.00Sale Price
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