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These new Airspace Flash Cards are what many of you have been waiting for to help you really understand the National Airspace System.  


Previously the problem has been that you can't test yourself to see if you are right or not. You can open a chart and ask yourself what the airspace is at this point and the next, but you don't know if you are right. You would typically have to pay a CFI to sit with you and point on a chart and then they would tell you if you got it right.  On your own you might just be practicing the wrong answers over and over again.  

So, I finally set out to make this product so that once you had memorized the components of the airspace system i.e. cloud clearances and visibilities, entry requirements, type of airspace, etc. you could actually practice it and see if you are right.  Not only do I tell you what airspace you were in, but I also wrote explanations of why it is that type of airspace.


There are over 100 chart excerpts from sectional charts from all over the United States.  There are over 50 images that are designed to help you identify airspace and another 50 plus that require you to determine either the entry requirements, cloud clearances and visibilities or ATC authorizations.  Each image has a big black arrow pointing somewhere on a chart with a question.  On the very next page you'll get the answer first, followed by an explanation of why. 


Finally here is a product that lets you practice and know if you are right or wrong and why.

I'm happy to finally be able to release this to fill a training void that has been a source of problems for all pilots including flight instructors for a long time.


Problem solved!

SAFE Members | Airspace Flash Cards | Instant Download - Not Paper

$19.99 Regular Price
$15.99Sale Price
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