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The Private Pilot Pathway also includes CFI Essentials. 


From the very beginning,  our Private Pilot Pathway was designed to be a flight instructor’s single point of contact to teach every ground and flight lesson for a Private Pilot Certificate. 


We made the Private Pilot Pathway based on the idea that a CFI should have a lesson preloaded with all the necessary content. The classic “Private Pilot Syllabus” is either too bare-bones, a simple lesson outline, or too rigid and overly complex, and we wanted to change this. So, we wrote pathways as entirely new material, using images and concepts pulled straight from the FAA publications.


The Private Pilot Pathway's foundation is simplicity. Click on a lesson, and the Pathway steps you through the lesson with a short set of talking points with supporting images at the right moments. This design format means that any CFI, new or experienced, can use it with ease.


This Pathway uses a static PDF engine as it's backbone, and as such, it can run on any device regardless of the operating system. We find it works best by either importing to ForeFlight Documents, which provides a rich display and annotation engine or using Acrobat Reader.


We hope you enjoy using our Private Pilot Pathway to deliver clear, engaging lessons to your students.


Holiday | Private Pilot Pathway Syllabus

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$249.50Sale Price
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