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Teaching from our lesson plans | Pilot License Lesson Plans

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What is a CFI Lesson Plan?

CFI Lesson Plans are the backbone of Flight Training. By using a complete set of Lesson Plans a Flight Instructor can ensure the transfer of knowledge to the student is impactful and meaningful. Concrete Lesson Plans also provide for a systematic approach to teach from while preparing and presenting for and during the practical CFI knowledge exam. It is crucial that an instructor possesses the correct set of Lesson Plans that will guide a Ground and or Flight Lesson thoroughly, and to completion.

The Problem:

Creating a CFI Lesson Plan from scratch is something flight instructor courses and students of them don't do well. This is primarily because there isn't really good material from the FAA on how to do it. The Aviation Instructor's Handbook has two small segments in Chapter 4 and 6 that speak about it but don't offer any real clear step by step instructions. Part of this is because they are not approaching the subject as an educator, only as a pilot who needs to be able to teach someone to fly. Every educator knows how to construct and use a lesson plan. It's a staple in teaching. The problem is that these types of lesson plans don't conform that well to maneuvers based training, like teaching Steep Turns. The Lesson Plans are taught from a classroom and academics program that aren't that good for CFI Lesson Plans that you need to teach your students and to present on a checkride.

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