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Aviation's Worst Nightmares Our most significant weaknesses as a community.

  1. The backwards approach to creating airline pilots. What’s wrong with the rest of the world?  Nothing.  They got it right.

  2. Pilots first, teachers second. Who wins here?  But I’m cheaper than the more experienced guys.

  3. I can fly on weekends, I used to work for Delta.

  4. Testing like it was the 80’s. We are losing valuable time to properly and safely instruct.

  5. The inconsistency and subjectivity of checkrides.

  6. I have an ATP and 10 hours of solo time.

  7. I’m a new CFi with 10 hours of solo time.

  8. No instruction to CFIs in training on using a syllabus.

  9. The creating your own lesson plans hamster wheel.

  10. Trying to use lesson plans meant to pass a checkride with students. Here is my binder!

  11. The accident rate in instructional flying. Second only to losing control.

  12. Not letting students make and correct their own mistakes - It’s my certificate I have to protect.

  13. Regulations from the 1970’s - Part 141 needs a rewrite.

  14. Pay up front schools. The nightmare that caused many to lose everything. A case study.

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